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Raised in the country parts of Louisiana, our grandmother Lillian Jordan, was our inspiration to cooking. Married to her husband Charles Jordan for 47 years, together they had 7 children and 9 grandchildren. Our grandmother loved listening to music, dancing, gardening, raising livestock and cooking. She would always cook up big meals every family gathering not only just for the family, but for any Joe that stopped by. She would always say, “Feed any Average Joe; no matter if we have a little, God will make a lot out of it.” Grandma saw no color; if you stopped by you were considered family. The entire street knew she was an amazing cook and she was well known for one of her favorite dishes; her signature fish dish. After everyone had eaten dinner and the day would turn to night, grandmother would do what everyone loved: fry fish. She would place that sweat towel on her shoulder, grab her tall red cup of alcohol that she referred to as “Bug Juice”, grab her favorite spices from the cabinet and pull out her cast iron deep fryer pot. She would turn on her Zydeco music (with one of her favorite songs being “Don’t Mess With My Toot Toot”), grab a paper bag and mix all her spices with cornmeal in the bag. No one knew how much of this spice and how much of that spice she would use but she made magic. As she fried fish, we danced in the back yard, while she danced on the porch. In Louisiana, Zydeco is a genre of music with a mixture of all different types of instruments that make up the flavor in Zydeco music. Our Grandma cooked every dish with love. We would all salivate over getting a hot piece of fish fresh out the grease. Those were the good times until tragedy struck the family hard when our Grandpa Charles passed away from stage four cancer on March 2, 2004.Grandma’s life was never the same. She would continue on this journey but the good times would soon end for our family. On January 3, 2009, Grandma passed away from kidney failure after being diagnosed just a few days before. We lost our foundation; our Grandma was the glue. “We can’t go on” so we thought… but just 8 years after her death on April 3, 2017, a piece of her legacy re-appeared. We decided to spread Grandma’s love all throughout the regions and all over the globe by creating a few of her many secret recipes, marinades, and spices; thus creating a brand name Zyde’ceaux Joe’s Cajun Products. All because her favorite teaching was “If you add 1 cup of Love, 6 ounces of Zydeco, this will feed the average Joe.