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We are a Cajun Product Company native to Louisiana. We provide our family secret flavorful spices, desserts, rubs, marinades and seasonings to our consumers.

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I had the occasion to try their mixture and I can ensure that it is a very good one! I tried it with chicken two times and the good point is that you don’t need to add anything else because the blend is just perfect. Don’t hesitate to try it, I will try it with fish very soon!

Stephen J. Recommends Zydeceaux Joe’s Cajun Fry

Zyde’ceaux Joe’s Breading was perfect! Especially for someone like me who doesn’t cook much, i don’t have to try to season my food…it does the job well!

Sami S.O.M.G. Zyde‘ceaux Joe’s This is Perfect


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Monique C.

First of all, you can smell the fresh seasoning when you open the package. This is my fourth time frying with it.. It’s so amazing and we love the crust and the taste. We will never go back to the old stuff.
Recommends Zydeceaux Joe’s Cajun Fry.


I highly recommend this fantastic product. The taste is amazing, the whole family loved it! It also goes a long way. Just like the bag says absolutely nothing else is needed…..the flavor is perfection!
Recommends Zydeceaux Joe’s Cajun Fry.

Rach W

I am having a blast with this product. We have tried pork, fish now chicken and it is all so so good!! Highly recommend Zyde’ceaux Joe’s Cajun Fry!!
Recommends Zydeceaux Joe’s Cajun Fry.


Sunday dinner was not complete without Zyde’ceaux Joe’s Cajun Fry!
My family loved it, and I loved it as well it was easy to cook with and the flavors were amazing! Cajun for real!
I would buy a whole bag of it and cook everything with it if I could!
Highly recommend!
Get your bag of Cajun heaven!
Recommends Zydeceaux Joe’s Cajun Fry.

Mo H.

This is the TRUTH! You need to try this! The wonderful mixtures of spices and seasonings just leaves your mouth watering for more! Go ahead, you know you want to buy some:)


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